This game is an entry to Trijam #37: Left is Right. I wanted to use this game jam to test my own game engine. Originally I wanted to make a classic "controls are inverted" game. But my game engine can not invert the controls (intentionally), so instead I invert the surrounding world.


Reach the top tile by  moving up/down and shifting the tiles left and right of you.


Move using the arrow keys or use WASD. Use ESC to reset the game.


Moving Left and Right

  • If you press left or right, it first moves and then swaps both the left and the right tiles with each other.
  • If you can not move, then the turn will just be ignored.

Downward Arrow

  • The downward Arrow (its called a "Bumper" in the source code) swaps the current row with the lowest one.
  • Once the bumper is activated, it will be removed
  • To add some frustration to the game, a new bumper gets added every time you move to the left or right.

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