You can use WASD or the arrow keys to move.

For technical reasons you need to first click somewhere on the game screen with your mouse before playing.

Game Idea

The main idea is that every object has a activated and a deactivated state:

  • Lava  and Wall ,
  • Active and Inactive Enemy,
  • Normal and Activated Player character as well as
  • Looked and Open Door.

The main goal is to deactivate all enemies and then kill them as an activated player. 

The TWIST is that every level has exactly one switch that changes the state of all objects.

Game Mechanics

  • Wall: No one can pass
  • Lava: Gives one damage
  • Active Enemy: Gives one damage and pushes the player one square back
  • Inactive Enemy: Killable, if the player is in its activated state
  • Looked Door: player can not pass
  • Open Door: Gets removed once a player passes through
  • Switch: Swaps the states of all walls, enemies and doors as well as the player.
  • Life: Adds one more Life
  • Key: Turns all looked into open doors.
  • Sword:  Turns all active into inactive enemies.
  • Power Up: Turns the player into the activated form.

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