• on PC: WASD (You might need to click on the game once to play it)
  • on Mobile: click on a tile next to the player 

This game combines the rogue-like mechanics (turn based, perma death, procedurally generated levels) with farming mechanics (growing and harvesting plants). You might die a lot at the beginning. So here are some hints how to progress faster:

  • Play the game at your own paste. Don't try to get every item you can.
  • Always look ahead. Back-tracking is not always worth it.
  • There is one river (big amount of water) on every map. Think of it as a save harbour.
  • In the early game it's better to wait beside your plant instead of wandering of. For melons and apples it's the exact opposite.
  • The end game starts at level 25. Come prepared. The best levels to stock up food are between level 12 and 16. After that the food supplies steadily recline.


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