Asteroid Miner

Mine the planet and save your base from asteroids.

The game ends once 4000 item have been mined and successfully stored.


  • Contains 100 items on creation.
  • Type: Output (Blue)
  • Each Turn:
    • Sends an Item to an adjacent colored conveyor belt or sorter.
    • Destroys itself once it has no item left.

Conveyor Belt

  • Establishes a connection between inputs and outputs.
  • Type: Default (No color)
  • Each Turn:
    • Starting from an Input, it looks for an output.
      • Once a connection was found, it selects a color.
      • If the color does not conflict with nearby belts it applies the color.
      • Else it selects a new color -> turns into a colored conveyor belt.
    • If an error occurs, it turns into a sorter to hopefully fix the error.

Colored Conveyor Belt

  • Sends an Item along the arrows.
  • Type: Default (No color)
  • Each Turn:
    • Sends an item to the neighbour corresponding to the respected arrow.
    • If an error occurs, it destorys itself.


  • Stores up to 250 items.
  • Type: Input (Green)
  • Each Turn:
    • Changes color occurring to the amount of items stored:
      • Empty (0 Items)
      • Less than Half (1-125 Items)
      • More than Half (126-249 Items)
      • Full (250 Items)


  • Takes items from a container and put it on a conveyor belt or sorter.
  • Type: Output (Blue)
  • Each Turn:
    • Takes an item from a container.
    • Sends an item to an adjacent colored conveyor belt or sorter.


  • Takes items from a conveyor belt and put it into a free container.
  • Type: Input (Green)
  • Each Turn:
    • Takes an Item from an adjacent colored conveyor belt or output
    • Sends an Item to free adjacent container (free meaning not full)

Floor Tile

  • Costs 500 items
  • Type: Default (No color)
  • Each Turn:
    • If an asteroid is on top of a floor tile it will blow up immediately, destroying all adjacent blocks

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