How to Play

Click on one of the three cards below that match the card above in either color or value.

Goal of the Game

Collect all 8 different colors by putting the single colored cards aside. Once you have no card left to draw you loose. The final score is determinate by the amount of different single colored cards you have put aside. There are 8 colors in total. Can you find them all?


Each card consists of two halves (symbolized by the two circles). Once you have played a card, the old card gets split into its halves and put under your deck. Your deck consists of an uneven amount of halves. This means that each time you cycle through your deck, you encounter different cards (as different halves are being combined). 

You can bring cards that you have put aside back into the game by playing an "Add" card. You can obtain the "Add" card by combining two halves with the same color and a value of 0. 

Similarly, you can combine two halves with the same color and a value of 5 to obtain a "wild" card. This card can be played on any other card.


You naturally obtain better cards by cycling through your deck over and over again without changing the order of the cards.

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