Click on a Card to select it and then on a square to place it. Try to survive for as long as possible.


Cards can have up to 3 rules (2 for itself and one for empty tiles surrounding it) The rules are applied from top to bottom.


  • 🌊➕🔥🔥▪▪➡  (Water disappears if two fires are next to it)
    ➕🌊▪▪▪➡🌳 (Water will plant trees)
  • 🔥➕⛰⛰▪▪➡🌋(If a fire is next to two mountains, it will turn into a volcano)
    🔥➕▪▪▪▪➡ (Else it will disappear in the next turn)

StatusIn development
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GenrePuzzle, Card Game
TagsCasual, Crafting, Minimalist, nature
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

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